Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hear No Evil

Here's one from memory lane. The guys that made the Craig Kelly Let It Ride movie did this one way back in 94. It's from Steamboat and the two dudes featured were our riding mates. Dave Pinkerman and Punk Rock Mike. The funny thing is the dude sitting on the bench with the wacky Oakley’s is Chris Delany. Or the Doctor as we called him. The Doctor gave me the nickname Johan. John was too boring for him. He played college hockey for BC during the era of Doug Flutie’s rain in football. Then he went pro for Hartford, which didn’t last to long when combined hockey with booze and dope. So he moved to Sweden and played pro there for a couple of years before returning to the states to give it another run in the minors. After his teeth got knocked out he said “fuck it” and got in his convertible Mustang 5.0 and started to drive from Boston west for no reason except to just drive. No place to go, he randomly dialed up the guy that brought me to Steamboat and asked him what he should do. “Go to Steamboat, we got a place. Chill out.” So the Doc did the 36 hour drive from Mass to Coloradical. My first day in Colorado (November 30, 1989) I walk out of my room, Sims ½ pipe in hand, ready to shred and the Doctor goes, ”Johan…Johan the boarder.” Thus my new name was given and I would only be known as John to my wife. Anyway, Pinkerman hung himself over a chick in 1997, and Punk Rock Mike is living in Montana somewhere growing organic carrots or something like that and has a few kids. Ahhh, memories but how bout that video part? Here's actually a good one of Dave.

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  1. That is some awesome Steamboat footage! I gotta show that one to friends in town, great find!