Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mammory Lane

The last post on the Bosstones got me thinking about the good ole Bostons bands from way back when. In college I used to bounce at this ex-biker bar north of Boston called Grovers and these two bands The Neighborhoods and O-Positive used to wreck the place. Ha, that place was so raw, we'd get away with anything there. This one time this drunk ass rolls up trying to get in with his sauced up chick and we wouldn't let him in. Tuff guy wants in and throws a shot at a couple of us sober guys on door duty. Bam, dude gets knocked out. Flat on his back on the sidewalk. His girl gets pissed and try's to kick the other bouncer in the balls. Bam, she knocks her out. The whole time, there's two cops sitting across the street scoffing down roast beef sandwiches. One of em rolls down the window and says "next time ask for help would ya?"

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