Monday, January 15, 2007

Zumiez 100K

Man oh man what can I say about this? 230 some odd stores in that chain and they still manage to keep it real. Every year they take EVERY sales person that sold 100G in a calender year on a ski trip, pack it in with a bunch of action sports all stars, throw in a company owner or twenty and give the kids something to party about. Funny that these guys with that many stores still maintain a small intimate feel about them. Like their a family or something. What ever it was, the vibe was right on.

This year’s event was held in Keystone. The weather was blowing 100 mph in Denver, but sunny and sweet on the hill. We did a little demo with a few other brands, then went and made party till 4ish in the morning, I think. Total train wreck the next day is all I remember. Thanks Zumiez for the invite, that shit was crazy.

This is the man responsible for starting Zumiez, Tom Campion.

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