Monday, January 15, 2007

100K Winner

Tyler Barth is the kid that was the top sales dog for Zumiez. He sold like $650G in one year. He's out of Colorado Springs and that's Casey to the right of him. He's an old Steamboat kid that moved out and up and now is the district manager for these guys. Killing it too. Anyway, this kid won like 5 different snowboards, bindings and boot combo's, diamond Nixon watch, new Vans and DC shoes every week for a year, trips to the US Open, MTV awards, Mtn. Lab and other shit like that. I think the prize package was worth $20G. Crazy.


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  2. Right Said Fred5:03 PM

    That's fuckin sweat for that dude. He worked his balls off and sold 650k which should equal about 325k profit for Zumiez. Give or take. I sure hope they pour him the top shelf booze and at least give him a mellow reach around.

  3. Home boy got the royal treatment, 4sure.