Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shred Flick of the Year

Every year I collect up every shred flick out there, watch em till there worn out and wait for the next season. Favorites from the past include:
Critical Condition / Riders on the Storm / Roadkill - FLF
TB3/TB5 - Standard
Milk - Mouse
The Garden - Volcom Stone
Subject Haakonson - Cinema Seone
Lame and Afterlame - Robot Food
The White Album - Cinema Seone
The Mountain Lab - DC

And this years hands down run away favorite - BIKE CAR. I'm blown away with this, buy it and you will be too.


  1. i think 91 words is up there, too. afterbang, for sure

  2. It definitely grows on you. I saw it at the Capita premiere a few weeks back, and then last night on DVD. I liked it more the second time around. Regular or goofy, I love watching Parker shred.

  3. Anonymous6:06 PM

    just wait for wolfzart to come out next year... it is all going to be filmed in 2 days

  4. For me, it's a movie that sums up snowboarding for me...the whole experiance and adventure. 91 words was awesome but it missed something in the soundtrack or something like. The shredding in Bikecar is rad, it's not super human chuck yourself of 100 footers and spin till your dizzy, but that shit gets old watching over and over. Hey, what do I know, I just know that I'm pumped on it. And it's not cause Blue, George and Todd helped to sponser it. It don't care about that, it's just a rad movie, that will go down as one of the all time greats.