Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bad Bathrooms

Been doing the shop tour lately and one thing I always have to sample at the shop is the shitter. It blows me away how bad snowboard and skate shop crappers are. I mean what the fuck people? This place is the throne, a place where you get away to sit, relax and read some really quality mags.

Shop owners, you have kids working for you, just as you make them keep the floor in order, there's no shame in throwing a tidy bowl brush in a bowl, moving it around for a swirl or two. Get in the game.

Look at this world famous shred shops shitter. Horrible. No reading room and I thought something was gonna jump thru the bowl and grab on to my hog for a tarzan swing. Bad.


  1. one of our dealers doubles his crap room for the shop's shoe inventory. it's rad when you're in there spraying ass, and the token cute shop employee comes in to find her customer's shoes. it's the best ever.

  2. Common sense3:33 PM

    Storing shit other than shit in the shitter is strictly forbidden. Jeez. You have to sell it as used after some Mexican meal, or destroy it after Yo gets ahold of some cheese and a latte.

  3. Anonymous1:22 PM

    that picture is my office, that place is so hard to shit in... we wax and tune boards in their too. and speaking of mexican meals, the mexican destroys that place