Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are U kidding me?

Thanksgiving day, snow report at Steven's Pass reports a mellow 3". Roll up to the hill with Jim Bob and Smokestack Josh for first chair and get at least 8". First half of the day was ridiculous. Pow for pow all morning. Was totally wishing I had my C3 Poorpiss.

Go back on Friday, after I called in to work feeling "well" and once again they report like 8" this time. Easily a foot to a foot and a half of new. Broke out the PoorPiss and mauled. By 8PM I was done. Bed time for this kid.

Saturday....snowing again like crazy, Jered and I got 3 hikes off the top that gave us peelers like Andy Irons gets in Hawaii.

The shit won't stop snowing around here. And it's only November. If it's this good here, Baker's got to be off the chains. Temple must be destroying shit up there.


  1. POORpiss? you got 'em in? are you holding mine hostage?

  2. he ain't got no POORpiss. it's all a myth....