Friday, October 20, 2006

Nor Cal Loop

Left early Monday morning to Sacramento for a loop thru Northern California. Nor Cal Rep Chris Wilmoth picked me up and off we went.
Sierra Ski and Snowboard was first. Packed into 20,000 sq feet were toys for the snow. Dinner at a little local sushi joint filled the belly with raw fish and plenty of sachi. It was then nighty night time for the kid.
Tuesday, up and at em. Breakfast at Luckys, who had linguica sausage on the menu (shocker, this is strictly east coast) then off to see Dakota at Boards N Motion in Cameron Park. From BNM, to PLA in Placerville with COLE, then out to Auburn’s Boards N Motion to have a mellow pork burrito and Dos Equis with Wendy Woodward. Conversation ensued only to find out her bro is Bob Woodward who was just on Letterman. This is the guy that exposed Nixon in the Watergate scandle. High roller. A quick stop at Mike Basich’s Riders Union and we were on the road to Tahoe. The Suburginni that we were in blazes by some Ford Excursion, driven by Big C and we all meet up at Chappy Central, Porters Tahoe. Mr. Chapman threw together a little belated birthday celebration for me at Java Sushi which was over the top, to say the least. John, thank you bro. Dirty Dooze and her Olympian husband Darren Rahlves came out of the woodwork to join us along with 20 or so of Tahoe’s finest Locals. There was even a guy named Heckler there. Plates of sushi went around like piles of weed at a drug dealer’s party. Actually Sushi is Chappys drug. The dude easily eats the stuff 4 nights a week. Saki bomb after saki bomb went down the hatch and then it really started to flow. Shawn Farmer busted out a lyrical onslaught that would put a smile on my face for the next ten years. Thanks Fizz.
Wake up on the floor at Chez Chappy, with a towel for a blanket, shoes still on, along with the clothes I started the trip with 3 days earlier and off we go to Reno to pick up Blue. Blue being the on time man that he is, finally made one of his flights and made it to Reno. Eternal Snowboarding was our next stop to see Mike and Steve whose operation is top notch. Mammoth was calling and three hours later we arrived at the Volcom Brothers skate park to see Sweet Pete from Wave Rave destroying the bowls. The kid has the cover of the new Wave Rave catalog getting some. So Cal Rep Steve Meido met us there as our trips mission was to clinic the kids at Wave Rave on our wares. Who better to hear about why we do the things we do than from the horses ass. 20+ kids lined up to be verbally assaulted by us on how to learn a thing or two about a thing or two. Which they did. Klassen’s shop and staff are hands down one of the PREMIER shops in the nation. It was a privilege to spend time there. Out we went to sample some of Mammoths off season night life and oh boy…the pigs come out at night. Shits sketchy in a ski town at this time a year. To say the ladies out weighed the men would be an understatement. Oink. Sweet Pete took 3 shots to the face from some LA meth dealer for no reason at all. Luckily the guy was a pussy ass drug dealer as we rolled him out the back door and stole a couple of bindles from his pockets. PARTY TIME! Nah, just kidding. The clown got tossed and the evening ended.
Back to Reno for the flight home and here we are, buried up to my eyeballs in emails. Good thing I spent a half hour on this blog entry instead of answering them.

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  1. leavin bitches with forehead stitches.

    great road trip.

    thanks yo and blue.