Monday, September 25, 2006

Warehouse Dutes

Got a grip of men killing it in the warehouse for us this year working with H2K. Here’s a introduction:

Pony Tail Joel – Canadian, staff photog for Snowboard Canada, Tyler Lepores right hand man. Said in an email, "hey dude I got time to kill till the photo season, you boys want some help aound there?" We were like fuck yea dude, and Joels been slaying shit ever since.

B.C. - Burton Chris. For some reason Chris doesn't seem to realize he's working at a company NOT CALLED Burton because he wears some sort of Burton shirt every fucking day. Came to us by way of Aspen, worked with at Polar Revolutions. Has a habbit of slapping people on the asses and going “how’s your ass ben?”

S.T. –Sweatys Twin. Payton dresses like our Northwest Rep Sweaty except he talks a little less and listens to shitty music. Payton was our Capita dude at SnoCon. Now he's our Capita dute here. Stoked.

Frat Boy – Ahhh our Westport beach hookup, Morty needed some work for a month, so we threw him in with the dutes in the back. Wait till they see his frat boy tattoo on his ankle. Or his puka shell necklace. Or how about his "kustom" liscence plate pictured here?

Yea, good crew and all, but still we miss Warehouse Gene. Sorta.


  1. Chuck Barfoot12:03 PM

    Trust me, Mortyberg needs work for more than a month. No Respect needs a little work, he needs to get some new tighter jeans, and his "I fuck on first dates" tee has holes in it. With existing cookie sales continueing to weaken it couuld be some time before Saul McMortystein sees the high flying cookie crazy days of early 2003. Get used to his warehouse antics...and his Top Ramen skills.

  2. Ooga Booga3:11 PM

    I'm gonna tattoo pooka shells around my neck so I'm never without them, no wait, I'm gonna tattoo an ankle with surrounded pooka shells on my my neck, no, no wait, I'm a gunna tattoo a tribal band of pooka shells and only wear tank tops visor caps. Ah shit, I ain't doin any of that. I'm just gonna sit on my ass, read Tacklebox and eat donuts. Stay fat.

  3. Anonymous8:38 PM

    i got some ramen skills. you bit a little peanut butter on there pop it in the micro for 2 minutes and you have yourself some pad thai ramen. if you want spicy pad thai ramen hit up taco ball and snatch yourself some of that wonderfull taco sause and lightly season it on. there is my 2 cents fer ya


  4. El Hefe8:28 AM

    Are you shitting me? Mortygold is rocking a fuckin Dildo Valley tee? Disggggrrrraaaaceful. There's no frat conventions in Sun Valley. He must've picked it up at Value Village.