Monday, August 28, 2006

Little D

Blue's claiming this kids the future and by the amount of coverage he's been pulling in the mags this year, he just might be. I poached this from Transworlds site, cause it's pretty damn funny. Thanks TWS.

10 Questions: Dustin Craven
By Cody Dresser

Dustin Craven has a Check Out the October issue performing a large Canadian backcountry drop. He’s a funny kid and this double-grab tailgrab from Mt. Hood has been stewing in my iPhoto—I shot over ten quick questions.
1. You hang out with Danny Davis and Louie Vito a lot. How'd that crew evolve?
I believe I first met Louie in Whistler and we almost got into a fight with some bro’s. Danny, I think it was at the U.S. Open. Danny was having some emotional problems when he was standing at the tee box, so I pulled him aside and let him know where his snowboarding really needed to come from. And we both love that James Blunt song, Your Beautiful—we sing it to each other. They both also have girl friends from Canada—it’s a classic “in”.
2. Everybody meets their girlfriends on MySpace, what about you?
I think you have to have morals to keep a girlfriend around.
3. Did Oakley hook you up with a Medusa head yet? You know, that dreadlock-lookin’ 1000-dollar headpiece?
No, I think that you have to be very special to get something like that, like, they would only give one to a burn victim so that they can have a leather face.
4. As a Red Bull athlete, what does it mix best with?
A nice cold Colt 45.
5. You ride for CAPiTA. That makes you an artist?
Some people say the way I am with the ladies is an art, but really, who am I kidding? This guy right here has no game. My best bet is a blue pill.
6. Do you give a shit?
I only really give a shit about two people: Myself, Ben and God—myself and God being the same person
7. You do weird tricks. I snapped a photo of you throwing a two handed tail grab in the halfpipe.
You could say that I do what I want—which is weird ’cause this girl last night told me that she hoped she would never have to see me again. Because she does what she wants. I guess I really pissed her off, but what ever … I understand now.
8. Some bystander was like, "Wow, that kid must have stretched this morning,” ’cause you tweak and contort so much. Do you stretch or are you just naturally all rubbery and bendable?
I would have to say it’s natural. I mean, there’s only one muscle I ever really work out—it doesn’t help me on the court.
9. You don’t go to the gym?
No, but if I did I would most def take some ’roids. The fact my weenie would get smaller doesn’t bother me—I’d be able to lift cars.
10. What do you do when you're not snowboarding—besides the StairMaster?
Party and pretend to have game.

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