Tuesday, August 29, 2006

eXtremely sold out!

C3 reps had the orderform for one week and then poof, the shits sold out. That's right, the CAPiTAsuperCORP's late season release, the Stairmaster eXtreme is sold out. Gone. Fini. Bye bye. Not available.
Only 39 retailers in North America got their hands on the super charged Stairmaster.
But if your a shop kid, don't fret, as we've tucked away a few of these pups just for you. The only way you can get one though, is thru a super pro form. Which are available thru C3 reps.
For those of you who live in a closet, the eXtreme takes the loved Stairmaster shape, then upgrades the base to sintered and the construction to prepreg making the stick slide farther, longer and harder.

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