Monday, August 21, 2006

Dream Come True

Mr. Wilmoth here was one of the 4 lucky winners in the C3 Living The Dream Shop Dude contest 2 years ago. He was the shop manager for Auburn Califorinia's Boards N Motion. A year later, Chris hooks up with C3 Rep T0dd Maytia to help him with the Nor Cal territory and in the meantime lands a gig selling VOX Shoes. Fast 4ward a year and the wonder kids of Big C and Todd get recruited by the Program to sell Forskin....I mean 4Um, 4Square and Special Blend, leaving the Nor Cal territory for Mr. Wilmoth.
Congrats Mr. Chris Wilmoth, C3's head honcho in Nor Cal. Watch out for some random door jam puking from the man though. Chris can be reached at (916) 455-5158.


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  2. random door jam pukes caused by 2 bloody marys, tacates, 9 coors lights on the lake, a big ass bottle of a local brew, ? margaritas on the rocks, some strange euro alcohol that tasted like gasoline, ? shots of jager....who wouldn't puke ? oh yeah, a canadian. i am a pussy.