Tuesday, August 29, 2006

C3 - Making Dreams Cum True!

Wench Hater: I liked your old blog, easier for re re’s like me to navigate. Your potty mouth needs a deusche, it’s dirty.

Rick O’Shea: Whats so hard about this one? Clue me in sweetness.

Wench Hater: Ok ok, I see now it is alright. I didn’t like it the 1st two times I looked at it though. I now know how busy you have been. All I saw last time was the running chit chat thingy, I didn’t see the rest of it, all the posts were really old but now I know why. I have seen the light. I like it today. I would like the site even more if you posted a nice photo of that bartender guy that works for you on it.

Rick O’Shea: Wish granted you dirty girl you!

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