Thursday, May 26, 2022

Milo WashDup RAW


You know having kids sucks.  I used to look forward to making my Milo & Mac season edits every season.  Then these fucks go and turn 17, dump my ass a riding buddy/filmer, and go do their own thing.  Three seasons ago some of the Stevens Pass Royalty, decided to bring the ole dawgs back together and film a shred movie about dudes still getting it in their 30's and 40's, while introducing some of the new heads on the scene.  Milo got invited to be part of this and it turned out pretty damn good.  But along the way, on the sessions I got to go too I still shot stuff on my IPhone and GoBro.  And people that were at some of the spots would send me their Iphone footy to which I put together this Brandon Semenuk like RAW vid.  RAW in the sense, no music to make the show flow, raw dad cam positioining, and raw commentary that makes the vid what it is.  Enjoy. 

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